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Reaching for Rainbows Child Development Centre is your natural choice for a Toronto Montessori Education

Reaching for Rainbows Child Development Centre is a Montessori school in Riverview for Toronto area children between 18 months – 9 years old. We offer premier private education within a healthy and stimulating environment that promotes wellness, embraces nature and recognizes the child’s natural desire to reach their immeasurable potential. We go beyond typical classrooms to provide advanced health and wellness technologies that promote the highest levels of health and advanced learning. You are welcome to explore this website for more information and learn how you can help your child reach greater heights.


Mission and Objectives for all our Private Preschool.

Reaching for Rainbows Child Development Centre is committed to providing quality Montessori education in an inspiring setting that embraces nature, promotes wellness and emphasizes the development of the whole child. Our goal is to nurture the child’s curiosity, creativity and imagination in a carefully prepared environment that fosters independence, self confidence, respect and a life-long love for learning.

We promise to:

  • Help children develop a rapport with their environment and to support them as they develop physical, social and intellectual independence.
  • Nourish the child’s sense of wonder within the classroom with activities that are thoughtfully prepared to arouse curiosity.
  • Educate children in ecological literacy: to create an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and provide ideas to reinforce a caring attitude towards planet earth.
  • Help children recognize the wonders of the universe, the patterns of nature and the gift of life.
  • Foster the development of self esteem, concentration and good work habits for a lifetime of strong study skills.
  • Provide an environment that inspires children to express their creative abilities by promoting an appreciation for the Arts, including: cultural arts, language arts, drama, music and creative movement.
  • Offer a safe wellness environment with healthy foods that contributes to the child’s well being.
  • Educate parents on the Montessori principles and develop a cooperative, harmonious relationship with parents to ensure the best education for the children.


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Riverview, NB
T: 506-389-1442
E: [email protected]

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