Family Involvement and Information Sharing


We encourage parents to take as active a role in our programs as they feel comfortable taking. There are a number of ways in which parents can become involved in our programs; some of which are listed below. We are always welcome to suggestions and ideas, however, so please feel free to suggest ways that you may feel able to help out with the program.

  • By offering your services as a guest speaker for the children on any topic in which you may possess knowledge or expertise
  • By volunteering to come along on outings for increased supervision
  • Attending parties and special events or offering your services, helping out with refreshments
  • By making donations/contributions for special events
  • By participating in fundraising projects
  • By serving on committees, as required from time to time (i.e. strategic planning committee)
  • By volunteering to help out with “maintenance” projects that arise, from time to time, such as painting, floor finishing etc.
  • By contributing to our programs through donations of art supplies or toys that your child(ren) no longer play with
  • Please feel free to drop in at any time to visit with your child and his/her teachers


There is a family information centre located in the front entryway. Licensing and program information is always available, here, as is information referring to child development (i.e. toilet teaching, handling tantrums, separation anxiety, promoting independence etc.). Notices will be posted here regarding contacts at Family & Community Services, as well as other information on community awareness, upcoming events and meetings. Take a look to keep up on what’s new!

A monthly newsletter is circulated at the beginning of each month, and will be sent home in each family’s mail cubby. Memos and articles of interest will also, from time to time, be sent home in this manner. Newsletters will contain information of interest to all parents as well as, from time to time, requests or concerns, which will require your assistance or cooperation. Should you wish to share ideas, concerns or suggestions, please drop into the office, talk to one of your child’s teachers or drop a note into the suggestion box.

A daily information sheet will be maintained on various issues relating to your child’s day, including his/her toileting and eating habits as well as his/her daily routine and any information that your child’s early childhood educators feel you should know

Classroom Information Centres are located beside or across the hall from each classroom’s doorway and contain information pertaining to your child’s daily routine. Daily schedules, weekly and/or monthly programs, as well as notices regarding upcoming events or outings will be posted there as well.       

It is to your advantage to be aware of this information, so please take a moment, each day, to check your family’s mail cubby and read any information sent home via newsletters, memos or parent notices.


In November and May of each year, parents will be invited and encouraged to attend a parent-teacher night; planned to provide parents an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress, address questions, concerns and plans for the future, in a more relaxed environment than what is often available on a daily basis during drop off and pick up times. If at any other time, you wish to discuss concerns, ask questions or discuss, in general, your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to talk to Danica or make arrangements with your child’s early childhood educators for a mutually convenient time to meet.


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