Mission & Philosophy Statements


The Reaching for Rainbows Child Development Centre provides a warm, nurturing, safe and inclusive learning environment for children from birth to twelve years of age. Every child and family, is supported and empowered in their growth and development with unique, exciting, challenging and developmentally appropriate programs developed to enhance and promote child and family strength and growth.




Every child is encouraged to strive to meet his or her maximum potential, through exploration and interaction with early childhood educators, materials and other children. Opportunities for development in areas of physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional growth are promoted in order to enhance each child’s awareness of his/her unique abilities and to foster a sense of self-efficacy.

All children are treated with respect, trust and honesty, in order to promote their own development of these values toward others. They learn to treat one another with respect and form trusting relationships with the people in their environments. Children are provided with opportunities to explore and learn about the world around them, including the various cultures that make up our world. Most importantly, children are given opportunities to learn about themselves and others. Through these interactions, children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image and feel good about their abilities. Overall, our program philosophy includes a variety of goals, both short and long term:

Short Term Goals

  • To provide children with a healthy environment, which promotes the optimal physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of all
  • To provide quality and nutritious meals and snacks which will promote healthy development
  • To provide an atmosphere from which the children can depart, each day, with a better sense of self-awareness and an appropriate level of self-control
  • To develop and maintain positive and respectful relationships with all of the children and their early childhood educators

Long Term Goals

All of the activities, programs and general interactions planned at Reaching for Rainbows will facilitate and provide opportunities for each child to:

  • Develop a strong sense of self-awareness and self-efficacy which will promote the development of self-confidence and a positive self-image
  • Develop social responsiveness and the potential to form lasting, positive relationships with others
  • Develop stable and enduring relationships with the consistent people in his/her life, including her/his early childhood educators, family and friends
  • Develop an appropriate level of curiosity and enthusiasm to explore his/her surroundings in a safe and respectful manner
  • Develop the ability to effectively communicate her/his needs and desires in a socially acceptable manner
  • Develop an awareness of him/herself and others as separate individuals, with distinct thoughts, needs and abilities; and develop respect for both him/herself and others’ differences


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