What You Need to Know


Once you have visited the centre, met with our director and decided to register your child at Reaching for Rainbows, you will be asked to complete and return a number of registration forms. Licensed centers in New Brunswick are mandated by the Department of Social Development to maintain a file, containing the following information, for every child registered.

The following forms must be completed and returned before your child begins at the center

1. Child Profile –Province of N.B

2. Acknowledgement of receipt of Parent Handbook and acceptance of terms therein.

3. Consent for Outings

4. Consent for Emergency Care and Transportation

5. Consent for Administration of Over the Counter Medication (i.e. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen)

6. A copy of your child’s immunization record is required by law and must be updated as immunizations are given by your health care professional. If you choose not to immunize your child, a waiver must be signed.

7. Consent for Photography

This documentation goes directly into your child’s file and it is the responsibility of the parent to keep these records updated. These records could be crucial should a medical emergency arise. Failure to keep records updated could result in your child being removed from the center until records are updated, or an appropriate waiver signed.


Please ensure that your child has the following items, clearly marked with the child’s name and left at the center, at all times. Soiled clothing etc. should be replaced immediately:

· A labelled toothbrush and toothbrush cover

· Your preferred over-the-counter medications for use if your child develops a fever or allergic reaction etc. (i.e. Tylenol, Tempra, Benadryl, Orajel etc.)

· Non-slip soled sneakers/footwear for indoor use (Crocs and rubber soled slippers are fine).

· Box/package of diapers, wipes and applicable cream (if required)

· Appropriate outdoor clothing (according to season)

· i.e. Splash pants, snow pants, swimsuits, etc.

· Soft security/comfort items (if your child has a rest/sleep period). Examples are blankets, small pillows, stuffed toy etc.

· Weather appropriate footwear (i.e. sneakers, rubber boots, winter boots, etc.)


* Please ensure your child’s personal belongings are labelled to prevent loss


Each child will be provided with space to keep his or her personal belongings in during his/her attendance at the centre.

The following clothing guidelines are in place to respect the health, hygiene, personal and cultural beliefs of all families using our centre. Please, also keep in mind that the Child Daycare Facilities Operating Standards require all children in attendance to be provided with 2 hours of outdoor play per day. Consequently, we play outside in all weather conditions (except extreme cold/heat).

It is recommended that children be dressed in comfortable casual clothing that allows freedom of movement and freedom to paint, paste and play outside, without fear of upset should clothing become soiled, wet or dirty.
Each child MUST have a full change of clothing (including socks and underwear) in his/her locker, at all times. If you take home the spare clothes to be washed, please remember to return them the following day. Even if your child is over three and toileting independently – accidents still happen – a glass of milk may spill on him, she may fall down in a puddle etc. 
Spaghetti strap and strapless tops are discouraged as they increase the risk of sun exposure.


To ensure the children’s safety and facilitate daily communication between parents and early childhood educators, we ask that a parent accompany his/her child to the child’s classroom each day, upon arrival at the centre. While parents may be tempted, by times, to “sneak” away from a child having difficulty separating from Mom or Dad, in the interest of developing trusting relationships, we ask that parents do NOT sneak away without saying goodbye.

At Reaching for Rainbows we maintain an “open door policy”; families are welcome to drop in at any time during our program hours and our educators are happy to meet with you regarding any aspect of your child’s attendance at Reaching for Rainbows. We do request, however, that if you would like to speak with one of your child’s educators about more than just the “everyday communications”, you request an appointment. The reason for this request is to ensure the educator’s ability to maintain her/his focus on the children during program hours. Long conversations, during drop off and pick up times, take the educator’s attention from the children and program.

You must inform your child’s early childhood educators if anyone other than yourself will be picking up your child. No child will be released to a person, other than the child’s parents/guardians, unless written authorization has been given prior to the occasion.

In fairness to your child and his/her early childhood educators, we ask you to pick up your child on time. If you know that you may be later than usual, please notify us as soon as possible so that your child and his/her early childhood educators will be “prepared”.

A late fee of $ 5.00 will be charged for any portion of a fifteen minute period past 6:30 p.m. This money is to be paid directly to the early childhood educator who has been delayed.

No child will be released from Reaching for Rainbows to a parent/guardian who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although this would present a very uncomfortable situation for, both parents and staff, the greatest priority is for the child’s safety and well-being.

Professionals, our staff will take the following steps when a parent or guardian appears unable to safely accompany his/her child from the centre:

Call the child’s other parent or a person listed as an emergency contact
Call the RCMP if the parent becomes belligerent, abusive or loses control
Call the RCMP to alert them if the parent has taken the child despite the early childhood educator’s concern


Our early childhood educators enjoy making your child’s birthday a special day at Reaching for Rainbows. If you wish to help us plan for this occasion, please let us know of your intentions. We usually plan for a special snack on the afternoon of a child’s birthday. If you are unable to provide a special snack (i.e. cake, muffins, cookies or fruit), please let us know, in advance, so that we can arrange the snack from our kitchen. Parents are encouraged to participate with us in their child’s special day. Please let us know if you’ll be sharing snack with us so that we’ll prepare enough food.

Reaching for Rainbows is an interracial and non-sectarian child development centre. We wish to promote each child’s acquisition of knowledge and understanding concerning his/her culture and society. If there are any special days that your family recognizes and are willing to share with us, please bring this valuable information to your child’s teacher’s attention. We are also interested in any costumes, books, or other items pertaining to the celebration/recognition of these special days that may be of interest to the early childhood educators and the children.


All children staying at the centre for a full day are required to participate in a quiet time during which they may or may not actually sleep. We recommend that you send a blanket or other ‘comfort object to the centre to help your child feel secure during rest time.

Children who do not sleep during rest time will be offered quiet activities to keep them occupied while still providing a “down-time” for each child to rest.


Field trips are an essential part of a stimulating educational child development program. Field trips are generally conducted on a weekly basis. Daily excursions are part of our outdoor/gross motor activities. They help us become familiar with our neighbourhood and the environment in which we live. Many of these excursions are walking tours; making observations on the way – looking at houses, trees, flowers, vehicles etc. Field trips; however, require more planning and we feel they are an important part of our program; they are a special part of the child’s week. You will be notified, in advance, of these outings, which might include a visit to the fire station, a visit to the zoo, skating or bowling, etc. It is important that you help us to make these days enjoyable for your child by ensuring that your child arrives on time and is well rested. If you can offer your assistance, in any way, please let us know.


Transportation is available for morning drop off at school and afternoon pick up from school for students attending Claude D. Taylor, Frank L. Bowser and West Riverview elementary schools, as well as Riverview Middle School. Transportation is available for afternoon pick up only, for students attending Gunningsville Elementary School. Transportation is provided in the centre’s eight passenger van, with the use of CSA approved five point harness car seats or booster seats for all children under 9 years old, under 79 pounds and under 4 feet, 9 inches (57 inches).


At Reaching for Rainbows, we take advantage of every opportunity, presented by individuals, business and community organizations, to involve the children in community events and learning opportunities. We utilize a variety of community resources in program planning for outings and guest speakers etc. For instance, programs often include visits to or from the following organizations and businesses:

Riverview Fire and Rescue

The Greater Moncton RCMP

Poison Control

Canadian Red Cross

The Magnetic Hill Zoo

The Moncton Hospital

The Riverview Library

The Riverview Aquatic Center


Beauséjour Gymnastics Club…and many others

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

All educators and volunteers will be trained in Evacuation/Emergency procedures and will participate in monthly fire evacuation drills.

Monthly inspections and maintenance of building facilities are completed to ensure safety is maintained.

The Emergency Evacuation plan is reviewed monthly after drills and every 12 months to take into account any changes in physical location or evacuation procedures.

The following steps will be taken in case of an Emergency Evacuation at the center.

A staff member will sound the alarm (and call 911 if possible without delaying evacuation) 
Each staff member is responsible for the children in their group.

When the alarm sounds each staff member will gather the children, carry an attendance sheet & emergency contact list and any special provisions.

Staff members will exit the building and proceed to the end of the driveway leading to the marina to confirm ‘head counts’ and await further instruction.

The director or her designate will do a check of all washrooms or other common areas, to ensure no one is in the building before exiting. This person should be the last to leave.

When all children and staff are accounted for, call 911 if not yet called.

In cold weather or when safety requires, once all children and educators are accounted for, they will proceed to our designated safe building – The Riverview Parks and Recreation office at 55 Biggs Drive.

Under the direction of the director or her designate, parents will be contacted to arrange pick up of their child(ren). Parents must sign the attendance sheet when receiving their child.

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