Payments and Fees


Fees are subject to change, based on an annual review. Parents will be given no less than four weeks’ notice of intent to increase fees.

A registration fee of $ 25.00 is due upon registration at Reaching for Rainbows. This fee covers the administrative costs of registering a child, as well as the cost of orientation visits. This fee also acts as a non-refundable “down payment” to hold a spot for your child.

Payment may be made on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis; however, it is requested that payment be made in advance of the service. Therefore, weekly fees will be dated for the Monday of each week and will be payment for that week of care. Bi-weekly payments may reflect one week behind and one week ahead, and monthly payments may reflect two weeks behind and two weeks ahead. Each family should drop off post-dated cheques in three month “bundles”. You will be reminded when your last cheque is cashed and asked to drop off the next three month “bundle”.

Should your account be in arrears for a period of more than one week, a service charge of $10.00 per week will be added to you account. Non-payment of fees, however, will be tolerated for no more than three weeks and will be cause for immediate termination of services. Outstanding balances owed upon termination of services will be sent to collection and/or filed with small claims court, should arrangements not be made for payment of said outstanding balance.

Payments returned for any reason, will be subject to a service charge of $ 20.00. Families having more than two payments returned, for any reason, will be required, thereafter, to submit payment by cash or money order.

Receipts for each cash payment will be issued at time of payment; however, receipts will only be issued for payments made by cheque if specifically requested. An annual total receipt will be issued, within the first two weeks of January for income tax purposes.

Parents are advised to retain the receipts issued for each individual payment for income taxes purposes. Should your family be randomly chosen for audit, Revenue Canada may request to see each individual receipt being claimed, as well as the annual total income tax receipt.

Please keep the center updated on address changes if your child no longer attends the centre. Year end receipts will be mailed to the most recent address we have on file.


All families are required to provide two weeks’ notice before removing their child from the program. Should notice not be provided, payment shall be made in lieu of notice. Due to long waiting lists, however, we ask that you please give as much notice as possible.


Financial assistance is available through funds from the Department of Social Development, to parents/guardians who qualify. You can find out more information about the Child Care Assistance Program by calling the Social Development office at 1-866-426-5191. After choosing your language of preference, press “2” to “apply for income assistance”; when an operator takes your call, you’ll just need to inform her/him that you’re calling regarding the childcare assistance program. You do NOT need to be on income assistance to be eligible for the childcare assistance program.

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