Choosing a child care centre that meets the unique needs of your child and your family is a tremendous responsibility. It is important that you agree with the philosophies and policies, as defined in our centre family handbook, as these are the principles on which the program and interactions with your child and family will be based.

It is also very important that you are comfortable with the environment and educators who will be responsible for your child’s well-being, security and early childhood learning during his/her attendance at the centre. Take the time necessary to get to know the educators and/or the director.

Ask questions about the centre and areas of the program that are important to you and your family. It is well worth the time and effort required to find and secure a space in a centre where your child will be safe, secure and happy for his/her early childhood years. Although some children adjust very well to change, frequent changes in a child’s routine and child care placement can be very disruptive and detrimental to their development of trusting, long-lasting relationships.

Every childcare center, licensed through the Department of Social Development New Brunswick, has access to information to share with families regarding many different programs.   Please feel welcome to ask our Center Director for more information, regarding areas of interest for your family, related to any of the following programs: Child Care Assistance Program, Keep Kids Safe, Car Time 1234, Public Health, Talk with Me Program, NB public libraries, Dairy Farmers of N.B., to name a few.

The Reaching for Rainbows Child Development Centre is owned and directed by Danica Carson. The centre was opened in February, 2003 with the goal of expanding on the current services offered in Riverview, while offering something “a little different”. Both of which required incorporating a number of unique qualities into the program.

First, Reaching for Rainbows offers a quality infant development program for children from birth to 15 months; making it one of only about ten licensed programs offering infant care in Greater Moncton and one of only two in Riverview.

Second, Reaching for Rainbows’ programs are geared toward meeting the needs of children by meeting the needs of families. At Reaching for Rainbows we take the expression “it takes a village to raise a child” very seriously and we strive to encourage, support and empower families by working collaboratively and supportively with families to provide the best and highest quality care for all children.

Every early childhood professional employed at Reaching for Rainbows is chosen with the highest standard of care to find only individuals with the utmost respect and understanding of the unique needs of individual children and families. We make every effort to hire experienced early childhood educators who have completed, or are taking courses, in Early Childhood Education. In addition, we are dedicated to professional development and continuous quality improvement; we attend, whenever possible, various conferences and seminars, which facilitate our ability to maintain and continually improve the quality of programs offered to our children and families.

Reaching for Rainbows also acts as an example for early childhood professionals in training through cooperative education programs of various educational organizations.


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