Infant Program

This program provides a safe, warm and loving environment for children 4 months to 15 months. Our daily routine is based almost entirely on the children’s schedules for sleeping, eating and playing. Simple circle times, games and activities are incorporated into our routine whenever the opportunity presents itself. Daily strolls are planned, for fresh air and sightseeing, 

Junior Toddler Program

This program provides a little more structure, in a safe, warm and loving environment, for children 15 to 24 months. Our daily routine includes circle times, tabletop games and daily walks/strolls for fresh air and gross motor development.  Our focus is on development of social concepts (i.e. sharing & caring) and basic concepts of color and shape recognition. Songs, finger-plays and stories facilitate language and vocabulary development.

Senior Toddler Program

Again, a little more structured, this program provides a safe, warm and loving environment for children 2 to 3 years old to grow and learn in. All of the same program components are offered here, with the addition of toilet teaching and a little more developmentally advanced activities, games and “lessons”.

Junior & Senior Pre-School Programs

This program provides a developmentally appropriate program of structured teacher directed and child’s choice activities for learning in a safe, warm and loving atmosphere. Program planning is based on a play-based philosophy within a program developed with learning in mind. Outings and field trips extend the child’s learning by incorporating further opportunities for “learning by doing”.

After-School Program

This program provides a place for children to relax and unwind after a full day at school. Structured activities, games and outings are offered but not forced. Bilingual assistance with homework is available while alternatives are offered for children who do their homework at home. Children are offered developmentally appropriate choices for supervised activities in a relaxing, fun and respectful environment.


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